Scientific research and Technological innovation

Area targets:

    • Support for the scientific sectors and institutions of excellence, also in collaboration with the University of Florence, the National Research Council (CNR), the National Institutes and the inter-university research consortia;
    • Investment in state-of-the-art scientific equipment that allows the structures that already exist in the local area to make a quality leap in the research being carried out and hence to place themselves more competitively on the European scene;
    • Support for research in the biomedical sphere in the light of the recent progress made in biology and genetics;
    • Support for applied and translational research and for the process of transfer of scientific and technical know-how to the economic and production system;
    • Support for the study and formulation of processes capable of promoting local economic development, especially for the production sectors in which technology represents an opportunity for growth;
    • Support for the development and use of new technologies finalised at progress in all spheres of scientific knowledge, also for the conservation and cataloguing of the historic, artistic and cultural heritage;
    • Support for the careers of researchers in all scientific areas, both through the funding of research fellowships and scholarships and through the promotion of training initiatives in collaboration with the University of Florence and the Florentine research centres;
    • Support for the research centres that offer services to companies employing tools that are not only economic and financial but also in the nature of strategic support aimed at implementing activities for marketing the services to a wider number of enterprises;
    • To sustain the promotion of networks of public and private bodies engaged in research, in such a way as to create synergies, increase the capacity to build national and international collaborations and facilitate the process of technology transfer;
    • To study ways of supporting and collaborating with the offices of the University of Florence in order to improve the performance of the university in its participation in European calls for tender and in order to spread the culture of access to the direct and structural funds of the EU;
    • Support for the launch of start-ups and innovative enterprises, also via participation in specialised investment funds.