Environmental protection and quality

Area targets:

    • To enhance the historic-environmental heritage of Tuscany as a cultural value and also as a potential economic resource and a tool for improving the quality of life;
    • To boost the eco-friendly enjoyment of parks and gardens, exploiting systems conceived to foster access and enjoyment and sustaining initiatives that can bring together the conservation of resources and traditions with the innovation and development connected with the quality of life (smart liveability);
    • To raise the awareness of the public about the risks that environmental decay can cause for the local area and about the defence of the Tuscan landscape. This can be achieved by the dissemination of information which should be tailored to the target community. Here special attention should be paid to the different levels and sectors of the community, with focus on the youth component;
    • To support the development of sustainable consumption networks in the energy and agri-foodstuffs sector, spreading a culture of the rational use of energy and leveraging the innovative production of renewable energies;
    • To support quality agri-foodstuff production; to spread a culture of conscientious consumption and foster the protection of food safety;
    • To strengthen the knowledge and skills of non-profit organisations connected with the environment and the networking between sector bodies, with a view to increasing the impact of activities for the protection of the environment.