Young people and music – The Music School of Fiesole

On the strength of its conviction of the cultural value of music in the formation of the individual, since 2000 the Fondazione Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze has been supporting musical education.

The high quality, not to say excellence, of the Music School of Fiesole and the constant evolution of the training offered has made it an important partner over the years.  In 2013 the school obtained from the Italian Ministry of Education recognition of AFAM qualification for all its instrumental and voice courses; this represents the Ministry’s formal acknowledgement of the high quality of the musical education carried out in the school.

Through this strong liaison, over the years the Ente has been able to perform its mission, undertaking the development of a major project designed to retrieve and spread musical knowledge among the young people in the more disadvantaged areas of the city. This initiative has already been completed with great success and positive repercussions in the Piagge area, as reported in the local and national press, and it will be repeated this year in the Sorgane district.

This is a particularly significant project, falling as it does within the plan for regeneration of the more abandoned areas of the city which was launched by the Florence City Council following the latest guidelines at national level. The Fondazione is convinced of the value of experimenting the teaching of music at an early age, and spreading the culture of music among young people who are included within an educational itinerary developed through integration between the Music School and other local training bodies. This experience can be useful in helping to curb the widespread phenomenon of early withdrawal from school among adolescents.

The School has recorded a significant increase in enrolments, reaching the number of 1,373 students. Every year the Ente allocates € 600,000.00 for supporting musical education through the activities of the Music School of Fiesole.