Teatro della Pergola

In 2011 the Ente CRF and the Florence City Council set up the Fondazione Teatro della Pergola to take over the activity of the theatre. The purpose of this Foundation is to maintain, protect and enhance the monumental, historical and cultural legacy that the Teatro della Pergola in Florence has represented and expressed since the year of its foundation (1652) in every sector and sphere of dramatic and live performance. In addition to preserving the historic and cultural heritage of the theatre, the Foundation also intends to create an International Centre of Dramatic Art which can bring together training activities and the bibliographical and audio-visual archives.

As well as the normal dramatic activities, the Foundation has also programmed a series of actions specifically aimed at young people. These consist of theatre and theatrical education courses with final internships hosted in the theatre itself. It also promotes special campaigns aimed at young people offering season tickets and ordinary tickets at prices designed to encourage students to frequent the shows programmed at the theatre.

As a result of the renewed management model the Teatro della Pergola is now in a position to offer to the city the very best of Italian theatre on a permanent basis, and to develop its own productions in performances that have recorded outstanding success in cities all over Italy. The financial statements show that attendance, takings, cultural and educational activities and visibility have been constantly on the rise for four consecutive seasons.

In view of its positive figures, historic importance and structural status, the Teatro della Pergola has received formal recognition as a National Theatre from the Italian Ministry of Culture (MIBACT) and the Tuscan Regional Authority. It is in fact considered a theatre of significant cultural interest within the framework of the reform already launched by the Ministry for this sector in implementation of the “Decree on Cultural Value”.

This formal recognition allows the theatre to obtain additional resources which ought to alleviate the commitment of the Founder Members and permit the Pergola Foundation to consolidate its results and continue to grow. The Ente Cassa supports the theatre with an annual commitment of around € 750,000.00