Polimoda, the International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing, with its premises in Florence, is one of the most famous centres at international level for the high quality of its teaching offer in the field of fashion. Among the founder members are the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze which owns the main premises, Villa Favard, accommodating over 1,000 students. The other premises of the school include Villa Strozzi, the Design Lab and Castello dell’Acciaiolo. There are 16 sponsoring partners including, in addition to the Ente Cassa, the Florence City Council, the Chamber of Commerce and the Metropolitan City.

The Institute attracts a large number of students from all over the world, and foreign students account for about half the registrations. Studies performed indicate that 83% of graduates find work within 6 months of finishing the course. The teaching is provided by a team of top-level professionals, in line with a formula that ensures an excellent and updated acquisition of skills through the practical experience that is crucial for a direct approach to work in the fashion industry.

The educational offer ranges from post-diploma courses to postgraduate master programmes, as well as introduction courses, short specialisation courses and executive courses for professionals. In addition to covering skills more closely related to the world of fashion creation and design, the Institute is also specialised in the training of specific professional figures to fill roles in the areas of marketing, communication and the management of companies in the fashion sector.

The close liaison with enterprises operating in the fashion industry is the added value supplied by Polimoda as compared to other similar schools. Its courses are in fact tailored to study plans conceived to target qualifications that can immediately be employed in the different professional roles in demand in the fashion industry. At the end of their training the majority of the students find work in leading international fashion enterprises.

The Ente CRF has been supporting Polimoda for 18 years with an annual contribution of € 130,000.00, in addition to having purchased the premises in which the school operates.