Labor-work Project

The Labor-Work project, conceived and supported by Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, was designed as a process of socialisation and job placement targeted at unemployed young people, people with education and training deficiencies, persons with psycho-physical disabilities and immigrants. The age bracket involved is that of young people aged between 18 and 29 resident in the Municipality of Florence. A period of orientation and training in the form of job-shadowing, which provides the participants with skills, techniques and methods to be concretely applied in the educational and working activities, is followed up with a training course of 60 hours and an internship in a business lasting 3 months.

The primary objective is to offer direct support to young people at high risk of social exclusion. Through highly-qualified personnel, the companies involved will offer reception, training and instruction conceived to offer disadvantaged young people orientation itineraries aimed at enhanced job placement.

Major goals have already been reached in the past through the “Si può fare-iwork” project.

443 marginalised and unemployed young people were involved in training and job placement activities, 250 of them being involved in local services and offered rehabilitation internships.

A mapping of companies was performed (2,000 contacts resulting in 85 enterprises willing to collaborate), along with a selection of users and the launch of orientation and management itineraries for the purpose of performing the internships in the enterprises. The feedback from the companies involved in the initiative showed that a considerable number have activated orientation itineraries along with the possibility of internships.

The contributions supplied by the Ente CRF made it possible to offer work bursaries to many marginalised persons, supporting both the intern who actually performs the work and the hosting company, which is thus able to lend a helping hand to unemployed young people at no extra cost to itself.

The economic commitment of the Ente Cassa to this project to date amounts to € 200,000.00.