Florence City Council

Florence City Council – Department of Sport and department of Health and Welfare

The project concerns the Complesso Natatorio Paolo Costoli di Firenze. This swimming pool complex is one of the most frequented all year round in Florence, and is managed directly by the City Council. Many different types of swimming lessons are organised, and it is often also used by sports clubs for competitions. However the pool complex was lacking a mobile roofing system of the kind which could ensure comfortable use during both winter and summer.

With a view to resolving this problem, the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze has funded the creation of a roof for a recreational pool of a size of 25 x 16 metres and an average depth of 0.90.

This structure can therefore be used free of charge and even in the winter months as a centre for therapeutic rehabilitation by associations dealing with various types of disability – autism, impaired vision, motor disabilities, psychological disabilities – and with children.

Even small children and the elderly can also use the pool, since there is an internal ramp to facilitate access. A special agreement with the Florence City Council allows the disabled and people in situations of economic hardship to use the pool free of charge.

The resources devoted to the project by Ente CRF amount to € 165,000.00