Exhibition on the world map of Martin Waldseemùller

This project was carried out in collaboration with the Museo Galileo. Between 2012 and 2013 with the help of a contribution of € 150,000 from the Ente, the Museo Galileo, formerly the Institute and Museum of the History of Science, was able to complete the elaboration of the complex and intensive virtual exploration of the large cosmography made by Martin Waldseemùller. This historic map was made in 1507 based on the accounts of his travels contained in Amerigo Vespucci’s letters to Pier Francesco de’ Medici and Pier Soderini. It is in fact the first document to show the name “America” in honour of Vespucci.

The exploration of the map, which is an authentic encyclopaedia of the cosmographic knowledge of the time, consists of 41 slide shows, 12 3D animations and various forms of interactive exploration of the geographical contents. The only surviving copy of the map is conserved at the Library of Congress in Washington.

The Museo Galileo is currently finalising the agreements for the organisation in October 2016 of an exhibition of elevated educational content at the Library of Congress in Washington.

Exploiting new media in a creative and innovative manner, this exhibition will underscore the evidence of the contribution made by the illustrious Florentine Amerigo Vespucci to the discovery and knowledge of the “New Continent and the techniques of navigation and the definition of the conventions underlying modern map-making”. The project was begun in 2012 and the financial contribution of the Ente is € 250,000.00.