Commitee for housing for the needy in Florence

The Foundation was set up purely for reasons of social solidarity. Its aim was to offer homes at minimal rents to Italian residents in Florence whose economic conditions were such that they could not afford to pay for accommodation for themselves or their families at market prices. Set up in 1885, the Foundation manages 1,064 accommodation units located in 28 buildings within the Municipality of Florence.

As a result of the agreement signed with the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, the Foundation is able to proceed with works of conservative renovation and improvement to the properties.

In this way not only are the over 4,000 people who live in them guaranteed residential standards in line with the regulations, but also have the possibility of directing their family budgets to the amelioration of their own living standards and those of their children. These operations also enable the more elderly tenants to remain in their apartments rather than having to resort to healthcare structures.

The low rents (not more than 70 euro a month) in fact permit the elderly to afford the services of a caregiver.
The Ente CRF has supported the Foundation for homes for the needy by contributing to bringing the Foundation’s housing stock up to regulatory standards, for which it has allocated over 4 million euro between 2002 and the present.