A Hundred itineraries Plus One

A project for young people and local communities

The project A Hundred Itineraries Plus One has been conceived entirely by the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze. In the 7 editions since the launch in 2003 it has supported and consolidated an articulated system of actions aimed at an increasing inclusion of young people in the cultural production and development of places with a wealth of history and tradition. This has in effect introduced a model of direct intervention, the efficacy of which is based primarily on the concertation of the objectives with local bodies and institutions. These include the Education Departments, the Regional, Provincial and Municipal Authorities, Schools and local Associations.

There are two spheres of action. The first strand is education and training in the local heritage, implemented through the organisation of specialisation courses designed to develop planning and management skills aimed at enhancement. The second strand is the development of area marketing practices.

Foremost among these is the organisation of multimedia exhibitions with multi-projections, short films, interviews and photos produced by local school students, who in this way contribute to offering the public a different image of the local heritage.

What the A Hundred Itineraries Plus One project fosters is therefore a complex mechanism designed to empower young people and provide incentives. Over time such integrated and consistent actions can achieve multiple results. The first of these is a deeper sense of local rootedness stimulated by knowledge, enjoyment and enrichment of the overall heritage of the area. Beyond this there is the development of professional skills connected with the enhancement of the territory for cultural promoters and operators, paying particular attention to new enterprise in this area. The third consequence is renewal of the overall mechanisms of local offer and development of the integrated set of resources. This is achieved through the conscious management of generational change among the operators and a long-term investment targeted at influencing the mentality and profound values of the world of the young.

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