Art and Culture

Area targets:

The design and development of cultural activities, comprising exhibitions devoted to the subjects, events, movements and figures of ancient art. Special attention is also devoted to modern and contemporary art;

 Support for structures and infrastructures that can host or foster the development and enjoyment of cultural activities for the younger generations, in addition to the musical education of young people;

 Fostering the research, production and enjoyment of musical, theatrical and artistic activities in general, of both a classical and a contemporary nature, with particular focus on the training and production of young artists;

Fostering studies on local history and the literary works produced in the region, as well as initiatives for making them better known;

Fostering the role of Florence as the centre of the Italian language;

Sustaining and promoting the role of Florence in European culture and civil life;

The enhancement of monuments, museums, palazzi, churches and gardens through events connected with artistic topics, events or figures.


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